Synonyms:Paraffin oil; Heat-treating oil; Hydraulic oil; Cable oil; Lubricating oil; Oil mist, refined mineral; mineral oil mist; oil mist, mineral, severely refined; Uvasol; Paraffin oils; Mineral oil hydrocarbon solvent (petroleum); Mineral oil (saturated parrafin oil); oil, petroleum; Nujol; liquid paraffin; white mineral oil; clearteck; drakeol; hevyteck; filtrawhite; frigol; kremol; kaydol; alboline; paroleine; Saxol; adepsine oil; glymol; lignite oil; blandol white mineral oil; carnea 21; Ervol; gloria; hydrocarbon oils; peneteck; primol; triona b; blandlube; crystosol; Molol; protopet; bayol f; crystol 325; fonoline; bayol 55; kondremul; neo-cultol; oil mist; penreco; perfecta; petrogalar; primol 355; primol d; tech pet f; Petroleum hydrocarbons; jute batching oil; paraffin oil (class); petrolatum, liquid; white oil; Mineral oil, aromatic; Mineral oil, paraffinic; Mineral Seal Oil; Electrical Insulating Oil; OIL MIST, MINERAL (MINERAL OIL),KESOON,KESOON1517a,kesoon


Bait :white oil used as pack rubber worms

Candles: white oil used as mold release agent. Also make candles burn hotter

Ceramics: white oil used as release agentfor ceramic molds lubricant and when grinding ceramics,clay manufacturers as a softener and color carrier

Chemical Processing: white oil used as a reaction medium in the distillation of a pharmaceutical product.
Used as flotation oil in compasses. Used in the extraction of wood rosin,essential oils and the manufacture of adhesives and fragrances. Used as a carrier in catalysts Used in making resins Used to provide dust
control in resorcinol manufacture

Chemicals, Agricultural
White mineral oil is often applied to fruits and vegetables to reduce loss of moisture and to retard bacterial growth. Hydrocarbon solvents are used in the solution to dissolve residual insecticides
from the food surface. Both products are also used as a carrier for insecticides.
Used in fruit and vegetable coatings,Used a dedust agent on granular banana tree pesticide
Also used a leaf polish and as a carrier for a rodenticide. Used as a carrier in lawn care products
Used as a carrier in pesticide products: citrus spray oil, agricultural spray oil and insect repellants

Chemicals, industrial,white oil . Used in the manufacture of terpene resins. Viscosity is critical to achieving the proper softening point

Chemicals, Laboratory,white oil Repacked for heavy mineral oil for a viscosity bath,Repacked as kerosene

Chemicals, Oil Exploration
.white oil Used as a suspension agent for gel in drilling mud, Used as a test fluid for testing pressure gauges
Chemicals, Paint & Coatings,whie oil.Used in paints and varnishes,Used as a flocculating aid.
Viscosity is important to this function,Used as a defoamant and diluent oil
Chemicals, Textiles,Used in a dry cleaning formulation and as a fabric softener,Used in emulsified fiber
finishes,. Used as a dry cleaning formulation and as a fabric softener and fiber finish,Used in carpet fiber
finishes and as a textile lubricant

Chemicals, Other,white oil Used in a lab instrument

Chemicals, Water: white oil Used in capillary tubes for water filtration equipment

Cleaners,whie oil Used in industrial cleaning compounds,Used in silk dry cleaning
compounds, Used in sanitation spray for the food industry. NF purity and odorless are
requirements,Used in industrial cleaning compound
Coatings, Paint
Used as a base and extender for paint
Used as a base and extender for paint, as a stabilizer in aerospace coating and to add
elasticity to polymer concrete and acrylic resins

Coatings, Rust Preventative
white oil Used as a rust preventative coating

Contract Packaging
white oil used in Many contract packagers source their own raw materials. For details about the application, see entries under the specific industry for which they package, (Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Lubricants,etc.)

White Mineral Oil and petrolatum are formulated in a wide variety of cosmetic products. Both products perform as bases and the mineral oils are often used for emulsion preparations. The physical properties of the oil and petrolatum are important and correlate with white oil Used as a process aid in the distillation of fragrance oils

White Mineral oils are used as carriers in deodorants for home and industrial use. Generally, low viscosity products are preferred.

E l e c t r i c a l
White mineral oils and petrolatums provide insulation, lubrication and protection from rust in many electrical applications. Their high dielectric strength is a requirement for this application.

White mineral oils provide lubrication during the manufacture andtesting of electronic circuit boards. Thermal stability is important in this application.

Food Processing, Bakerya d

The bakery industry has many applications for white mineral oils They function as lubricants, release agents and rust preventatives.

F o o d P r o c e s s i n g, C h e m i c a l s
Companies that provide chemicals to the food processing industry use White Mineral Oils. Froth flotation oils are typically low in viscosity. Commercial pan oils typically require a high smoke point.


F o o d P r o c e s s i n g, E g g P r o c e s s i n g
,white oil used in : After cleaning, eggs are vulnerable to spoilage. They are coated with White Mineral Oils to seal the pores, reducing evaporation and preventing the absorption of foreign odors and flavors. The oil must have a low viscosity in order to penetrate the pores of the egg.

F o o d P r o c e s s i n g, G e n e r a l
White mineral oils are used in many food processing applications. They are lubricants, release agents and rust preventatives in the manufacture of candy, canned food and frozen foods. Frozen foods applications require white oils that have good low temperature properties.manufacture

F o o d P r o c e s s i n g, M e a t p a c k i n g a n d
M e a t p a c k i n g S e r v i c e
The meat packing industry uses White Mineral Oils as lubricants, rust preventatives and cleaning agents. Food grade quality, lack of odor and rancidity are important features.

F o o d P r o c e s s i n g, M i l l s
White Mineral Oils are used as a dust control agent in granaries. Very low viscosity products are required. Food grade oils will not become rancid.

L a m p O i l s
Light Mineral Oils are used as lamp oils where clean burning is important.

L e a t h e r C o n d i t i o n i n g
Mineral Oils and Petrolatums are used in many leather conditioning applications. They perform as cleaners, emollients and waterproofing agents.

L e a t h e r T a n n i n g
White Mineral Oil is used in leather tanning as an emollient to soften the hide and make it more elastic. Fat liquoring is one such treatment. In fat liquoring the leather is treated with an oil emulsion for 1-4 hours. Oiling is another softening treatment. In oiling the leather is treated with oil or petrolatum by hand or machine.

L u b i c a n t s, F o o d G r a d e
White Mineral Oils and Petrolatums are used as machine lubricant on equipment that might contact food. White mineral oils, both USP and NF are used in hydraulic systems and oiling systems. Drakeol
10B has special applications where low temperature performance is required.

L u b i c a n t s, I n d u s t r i a l
White Mineral Oils are used as base ingredients for many industrial lubricants where cleanliness and high purity are important. Light mineral oils and high purity solvents are used in cutting oils and metalworking fluids, EDM fluids, aluminum tapping fluid and concrete form oils. USP oils are used where more body is
required such as penetrating oils. Technical oils can also be used in these applications.

M e d i c a l S u p p l y
White Mineral Oils and Petrolatums are used in the manufacture of medical supplies. They function as release agents, lubricants and carriers. USP/NF purity is important for this application.

Paper, Office

white oil Used in making inked forms for mimeograph machines diapers and feminine hygiene products Used in making inked forms for mimeograph machines Used as a defoamant in the manufacture of tissue
Used as slitting oil for greeting cards Used to impart transparence to Used in making carbonless paper
Pharmaceuticals, Capsules whie oil Used in the manufacture of gelatin capsules, as a lubricant and as oil fill in the capsules

Pharmaceuticals, Dental
white oil Used in dental adhesives Used in making dental impressions

Pharmaceuticals, Ointents,

white oil used in ointment Used in lip balms and baby rash wipes Used in medicated creams and lotions. Used in lip balms and baby rash wipes Used in an athletic balm for muscle strain. Used in lip balms and baby rash wipes Used in lip balms and baby rash wipe Used in medicated creams and lotions. Used in medicated shampoo and athletic balm

Pharmaceuticals, Other white oil used as
Used as a laxative Used as a release agent for tablets. Also misted to carry medicated inhalant Used in biological injectables Used in biological injectables Used as a carrier in the adhesive of transdermal drug delivery system Used as a defoamer inpenicillin manufacture


white oil Used in plastic liquid colorant dispersant Used as a low viscosity pigment carrier and dispersant
Used as a pigment carrier and to provide dust control in the manufacture of bronze powder

Plastic Products
white oil Used as an extender inmanufacturing polystyrene. Also as a lubricant when processing plastics
Used as an extender for injection molded plastics

Used as a lubricant when molding plastic bottles and containers PVC pipe
Used as a mold release agent for polystyrene products. Also used in manufacturing polystyrene foam

Plastic Resins

white oil Used as an internal lubricant in the manufacture of polystyrene. Also used in making PVC resins and Krayton rubber Used as a processing aid /plasticizer for Polypropylene resin compounds

White mineral oils are used in polishes to impart luster to the polished surface. Petrolatum is also used as a base binder or ingredient. Solvents are used to clean the surface.

Used in buffing compounds,Used in buffing compounds and in dressing for bowling lanes Used in automotive polishes, furniture polishes and dressing for bow ling lanes and automotive polishes

Public Utility
white oil Used as a drip oil in water well turbine pumps

Radioactive Materials
white oil Used as radiation shield oil in the windows of nuclear reactors

white oil Used as a flash off solvent in brazing of copper coils

whie oil Used as a softener in rubber Used as a softener in rubber- sealing material
Used as a plasticizer and lubricant in the manufacture of thermoplastic rubber Used as a mold release for
rubber sponges

Synthetic Fibers
whie oil Used in manufacturing polyethylene fibers (tires, webbing on lawn chairs) Lubricant for cellulose acetate fibers (cigarette filters)

White mineral oil is employed in the processing of textiles as a
lubricant for both yarn and machines. The oil softens and lubricates
the yarn whether it is cotton, synthetic, or wool, while reducing static
electricity. Petrolatum is used in textiles to soften and as a

White mineral oil is primarily used as an intestinal lubricant for the treatment of common digestive and intestinal disorders. Externally, white oil is used in "anti-tail picking" compounds for poultry and as a
brushing oil to control lice and improve livestock appearance. Petrolatum is used as a base for antiseptic ointments, to prevent chafing, and as a general protective salve.

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